What Does Made in Italy Really Mean?

Made in Italy
is the certification that tells you a product comes from Italy.

And that’s important because there are lots of products out there that look and sound Italian but have nothing to do with Italy. What’s even worse is that many people buy these products thinking they’re getting Italian quality, when it’s not even close. Authentic Italian food and wine gets their famously distinctive tastes from the places the ingredients are grown, the time-honoured techniques used to craft them, and the high-quality production standards they’re held to.

Let’s take prosciutto made in Parma for example.

It’s made using three simple ingredients: ham, salt, and air. But it’s where and how it’s made that gives it its unique flavour. It all starts at select farms in the hills of Parma between the rivers of Enza and Stirone. Pigs are fed a strict diet of grain and whey. It’s no wonder manufacturers try to pass off their imitation products as authentic, with packaging that looks and sounds Italian. They’re trying to take advantage of Italy’s good food reputation. If you want real Italian, make sure you look for the real thing.

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