Ingredient Discovery: Italian Mineral Water

Arguably the tastiest mineral water in the world, Italian mineral water is sourced from the purest mountain spring waters. Learn why this Italian mealtime essential is so highly regarded.

Italian Mineral Water

Which beverage is most essential at any Italian meal? Your first answer might be wine, but, in fact, mineral water is equally important. In Italy, mineral water production is taken very seriously, with strict specifications and many famed brands available in Canada.

What is mineral water, exactly?
Mineral water is typically sourced from underground mountain springs and regarded for its purity, clarity and flavour. Most Italian bottled waters come from mountain springs in specific locations, and are bottled near the sources for which they’re named. Mineral water itself is so named due to the rich minerals found in the water, which occur as it passes through rocks and limestone, acting both as filters and flavour-enhancers. In Italy, by law, mineral water must come from one or more underground sources and have minerals that are beneficial to our health.

How do I choose the right mineral water?
When shopping for Italian mineral water, there are a few key characteristics to look for. Firstly, there are three types of mineral water: liscia, gassata and leggermente gassata (flat, carbonated and slightly carbonated). Mineral waters also vary in their mineral content, which impacts their flavour, with a higher mineral content being more strongly flavoured. Though most fizzy mineral waters are artificially carbonated, the best have naturally occurring carbonation, which will be indicated on the label.

When do I serve mineral water?
Italians drink more than twice the amount of mineral water than any other European country. Unsurprisingly, it’s considered the ideal refreshment during a meal, with both flat and fizzy being offered. Mineral water, of course, can be enjoyed at any time of day to stay hydrated.

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