Why Should I Buy Made in Italy?

Italy is synonymous with good food for three important reasons.

The Land

Italy produces some of the most renowned and delicious food and wine in the world thanks to its temperate climate and rich soil. Each region has a unique microclimate that has led to its specialization in certain products.

The Craft

Italian-made products are distinguished by the craft and care that go into creating them, with production methods and techniques that have been preserved and perfected over generations.

The Quality

Italy is the country with the most products registered as DOP and IGP, the strict European Union geographical designation. To gain these certifications, products go through strict quality checks at each stage of production.

How Do I Know
It’s the Real Thing?

Don’t settle for green, white and red, or names that end in A, I or O. Look for “Made in Italy” on the package, the region it’s from, or a DOP or IGP certification. And watch out for products that say generic things like “packed in Italy” because often enough these products have been packaged in Italy, but other than that have nothing to do with Italy.

What Does
DOP and IGP Mean?

DOP stands for Denominazione di Origine Protetta (or, Protected Designation of Origin). A European Union certification, it guarantees a product was made by local farmers and artisans in a specific region or area, using traditional methods.

IGP stands for Indicazione Geografica Protetta (or, Indication of Geographical Protection). And it traces food specialities back to their geographical origin to at least one phase in production, but not to all phases, like DOP.