October  05,  2017

Mariano’s will continue its collaboration with the Italian Trade Agency to actively promote the concept of “Authentic Italian” food and wine in all of its 43 supermarkets located in the Chicagoland metropolitan area throughout the remainder of 2017.

Last July a selection of Mariano’s “Authentic Italian” food and wine was featured in their 7th Anniversary Celebration.  Italy played a central role in this celebration which was promoted in print ads and on Mariano’s web site.  The back page of Mariano’s advertisement prominently featured 10 imported items including 5 Roundy’s Italian private label items, one Italian wine and one Italian cheese.

The celebration of Italy will continue at all of Mariano’s 43 locations during the month from October 5th through Nov. 1st. This promotion will coincide with the celebrations in honor of Christopher Columbus. During the October Italian promotion, Mariano’s plans on introducing several new Italian vendors and on significantly increasing its selection of Italian products.

Mariano’s promotion of “Authentic Italian” products during the year 2017, will conclude in December with an “Italian Holiday” promotion. A special Holiday advertisement will be created and will feature Italian Panettone, along with a large assortment of wines, liquors, cheeses and bottled waters.

Please contact the Italian Trade Agency in Chicago for more information at [email protected] or 312.670.4360.