The Italian Trade Agency is pleased to welcome Hy-Vee’s to its growing list of participating retail partners in the USA. In September 2017, Hy-Vee launched its first ever “Authentic Italian” promotional campaign named “Say Ciao to Italia” in all of its 244 supermarkets located in the States of Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, Minnesota, Illinois, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

A proud accomplishment of Hy-Vee’s was the development and launch of a brand new “Authentic Italian” private label line of products under the brand “Gustare Vita” which translates in English as “Enjoy Life”, which captures the true essence of the Italian spirit. The introductory products featured under the “Gustare Vita” brand include pasta, pasta sauces and a line of baked products, including grissini and crostini. The new line will be expanded in the future to include complementary products also thanks to the participation of Hy-Vee’s buyers in sourcing missions to Italy organized by the Italian Trade Agency.

In view of its excellent alliance with pre-existing Italian supplier partners and its strong focus on quality, variety and fresh foods, Hy-Vee is finding it easy to work with new Italian producers. Its in-store chefs and dietitians also play a big part of Hy-Vee’s approach to promote quality and selection with recipes, sample and strong customer communication.

Please contact the Italian Trade Agency in Chicago for more information at chicago@ice.it or visit https://celebrate.hy-vee.com/Italian.

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