SANA proved to be a great success and an amazing experience this year. It is a popular international trade show for organic and international products for professionals and natural health enthusiasts. It also provides a unique opportunity to present new products and learn about the latest market trends. Six pavilions showcased organic and natural foods. SANA builds bridges between buyers and producers through the International Buyers Program, organized in collaboration with Italian Trade Agency, BolognaFiere and FederBio.


The USA delegation of buyers reported that through the International Buyers Program they acquired new contacts and information about the organic and natural market. SANA introduced a variety of new products for the American consumer to enjoy soon. This year, seven US companies participated (among those, brick and mortar retailers, online retailers and importers). During this trade

fair, US companies managed to schedule meetings with almost 200 Italian producers. Every year, the Italian Trade Commission invites invite small and big companies from different US States.

During SANA, buyers and producers had the opportunity to participate on the presentations of different organic market studies. Follow the links below to see the summary of the market study made by the Organic Trade Association for ITA.

OTA 2017 Organic Industry Survey for ITA , and OTA 2017 Consumer Survey for ITA.

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