Medical studies have contributed to olive oil’s already huge popularity. Oil has been at the heart of the Mediterranean diet for a long time and this is believed to be the reason for the lack of certain health problems for the people who follow this diet. Indeed, olive is considered one of the few truly healthy oils, it is a mono-unsaturated fat which contains anti-oxidants, and is low in cholesterol. Olive oil consumption is believed to reduce the risk of heart disease as is shown by the lower incidences of heart disease in the areas where the Mediterranean Diet is present.

Olive oil typically comes in a dark green bottles. This is not just a stylistic choice but rather and essential part of olive oil preservation. Light can destroy olive oil through oxidation, a process which changes the beneficial chemical compounds and alters the antioxidants. It is therefore important to store olive oil in its dark container and keep it out of the refrigerator, as condensation will dilute the oil, causing it to spoil. A room-temperature cabinet will do just fine.