Comparing the total export percentage from Italy to the United States, the food and wine exports accounted for the 9% of the total market.

Comparing the total export percentage from Italy to the United States, the food and wine exports accounted for the 9% of the total market. (translated into US $ 2,595.1 million for January-July 2017). The Food and Wine sector recorded growth, with a slight slowdown compared to the growth rate sustained in the same period in 2016. The United States are the third largest Italian export market with a market share of 9.1% (US $ 19,774.27 million) after Germany and France.

The import data of July 2017

The United States, imports of Food and Wine, according to the Italian Trade Commission analysis on IHS-GTA data, closed in July 2017 with a progression (+ 1.6%) in US dollars. Italy maintains the sixth (6) position among the trade partners of USA in the Food and Wine sector, with a market share of 3.1% after Mexico (19.3%), Canada (equal to 17.6 %), China (equal to 4.7%), Chile (equal to 3.7%) and France (equal to 3.6%).


The breakdown of Italian imports in USA

The value of Italian wine in the US market has reached over a billion (+ 1.7%) for the period January 2017 – July 2017. Italy is the biggest exporter to the USA among the other trade partners, for wine, cheese, pasta, water and extra virgin olive oil.


Italy is the first US supplier for imported red and white wine, with market shares of 31.9% and 40.4%, respectively. In the sparkling wine segment, Italian exports to the United States continue to grow (+ 9.9%) in value and (+ 13.3%) in volume. In the period from January 2017 to July 2017, US demand for sparkling wines grew: 14% in value and 14.2% in volume.

France’s growth surpasses Italy’s in value (+ 18.5%) and volume (+ 26.8%), but it does not exceed the market share of Italy which is 56.8% when the French one is 25.7%.

In the organic wine sector, which represents a market of $ 90 million, there is a good progression for France in value (+ 6.4%) and (+ 2.2%) in volume, when other countries show a slowdown in value (Italy -37.7%, Spain -30.5%, Argentina -28.4%).

Meanwhile, looking at quantities, Italy strengthens its market share in the organic wines category (27.8%) and France second (22.1%).

In conclusion, the data of this first semester show that for 2017 Italy remains the first trade partner in the overall wine sector, however, special attention must be paid to France that not only is selling wine at higher prices than Italian ones but is also increasing the quantities of export towards the US market. France remains Italy’s leading competitor for wine. Together, Italy and France own the 63% of the market of imported wines in the United States. Followed by New Zealand and Australia, both with 7% market share and Spain with 6%.

Olive Oil

Italy lost its position as the first supplier of olive oil in the USA from Spain, both in value and volume, dropping to the second place due to weather related problems, causing a severe decrease in production. In the first seven months of 2017, Spain had an increase (+ 6.2%) in value with a market share of 40.7% when its exports decreased by volume (-5%). The Spanish market share for the semester is 42.3%.

Italy declined by -4.7% in value with a market share of 38.3% and in volume it had a dropdown by -13.7% maintaining the market share at 35.8%. Regarding extra virgin olive oil thus, Italy remains the first trade partner in the United States with a market share of 40.4% in value and 37.2% in volume, with Spain having the 37.9% and 40.1% respectively.


Italy maintains leadership in the US both in volume and in value for pasta. The pasta market in the US is worth more than 850 million USD, of which Italy has 33.5% market share and 1.2% growth in value. The major US trade partner, Canada, had a slowdown in exports by -18.8% and market share equal to 15.5%, half of the Italian one. It is worth noting the increase in Chinese volumes for this semester. China, in fact, jumped from fourth to second place, with export growth of 8.8% outstanding Mexico and Canada.


The category of cheeses is still another product category in which Italy is the first trade partner for the USA in value (24.7% market share) and volume (18.9%). Cheese category shows a negative trend, worldwide imports of cheese in the United States dropped in value and volume this semester. In value, Italy shows a decrease (-10.4%) France (-10.2%) Spain (-4.7%) Switzerland (-14%) etc. In contrast, in volume, Italy and Spain increased by + 4.5% and +7%, respectively, when almost all other partners decreased.


Italy, France and Fiji are the three countries that dominate the market imported water in the United States with market shares of 30.1%, 27.2% and 21.7%, respectively. In the first half of the year, the growth in Italian exports was + 5.9% when the French and Fiji on was + 17.8% and + 37.4%

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